Ancient Roman Army Facts

For centuries the ancient Roman army dominated the battlefield. Every kid who has ever opened a history book knows about the mighty Roman Empire and its amazing army. The army was well organized and the soldiers were highly disciplined and very well trained. Their incredible military enabled the ancient Romans to conquer numerous enemies and spread their empire to the ends of what was then the known world. Like ancient Rome itself the Roman army went through many changes during the centuries that it existed. Starting with the Republic and then the Roman Empire and eventually the Byzantine Empire ancient Rome lasted approximately two thousand years; with its army going through changes in tactics, training, weapons, and organization. On this page you will find a list of interesting facts about the ancient Roman army. Some of the information supplied may just be applicable to certain time periods of ancient Rome.

Within this section of Ancient Rome History Facts you will find specific information about the Roman Army including information about their tactics, formations, soldiers, ranks and about their great generals.

Interesting Ancient Roman Army Facts

Ancient Roman Army Organization