Famous Ancient Roman Architecture Facts

The ancient Romans made great strides forward in architecture. Learning from the Etruscans and later the Greek people they developed their own styles and came up with amazing architectural innovations. In this section of Ancient Rome History facts we list famous ancient Roman architecture facts. On this page we supply interesting general information that will give you an overview of what Roman architecture was like. This information includes what some of their innovations were, where some of the great architectural structures are located, and who were the great architects of this great civilization. When we think of Roman architecture many of their great structures come to mind such as the Roman Colosseum and the Pantheon. However, as you will see in the list of facts below, many of the Romans architectural achievements were less glorious and had a more practical use; such as supplying water to cities and providing housing. Hopefully both kids and adults will find this information interesting and useful.

Roman Architecture Facts

Famous Roman Architecture List

Below is a list of just a few of the famous buildings and structures built by the ancient Romans. Some are located in Italy and others were built elsewhere in the Roman Empire. For more detailed famous Ancient Roman architecture facts please see some of the other pages of this section.